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R.I.P. – Gil Scott Heron.

May 27, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


The World Is Yours.

May 18, 2011

There will be a tipping point.  A moment when your knuckles whiten, as you watch the needle push past the red-line…and snap clean off.  A day when your personal levee breaks and the deluge of adulation comes pooling around your ankles.  A time when the final domino tilts drunkenly at its precipice: the calm before the culmination of a grand design you unknowingly set in motion.  In short, a reason for it all.

For some of us, it’s the unconscious flicker of a light switch we never knew we had inside us.  For others, it’s the familiar feeling of waking up on a week day with the absurdity of having nothing to look forward to but the week’s end.  And knowing.  That things can’t possibly go on like this.  Somewhere along the way, it became acceptable for us to live with a crisis of faith about what we do for a living.  We don’t believe in what we do, but we believe in who we do it for.  Our morning mantras–a mouthful of self-assurance that leave us wary of the words we’re hearing.  Weary of the skins we’re wearing.  Like waking up with your back against the ceiling…and watching yourself become someone who goes through the motions.  Someone who lives on autopilot until the gears grind to a halt.  Living too cautiously is like flying high without the landing gear.  A gentle ride above the runway, until it becomes a landing your boredom won’t let you limp away from.

There may not be a blueprint.  There may not be a trail of breadcrumbs that leads us through the woods to the men we’re meant to become.  But.  There are other ways.  Regardless of how firmly our feet are planted, the world will continue to spin beneath us.  In spite of our best-laid plans, those ambitions we’ve tried to bury will come tugging at our coat-tails.  For obvious reasons, there are those of us that would let their pleas fall on deaf ears.  The marionette’s dance is an easy-one.  Life by the numbers.  Assuming you’re comfortable living with strings attached and discarded dreams brimming under your carpet.  For some of us, there will come a tipping point.  A moment when the dominoes swagger drunkenly at their wits-end before they fall.  A day when we look around and realize, the world is ours.  But.  Only if we find the courage step out of line.  And take it.

Lens – 12Rnd x Jacket – Phineas Cole x Duffel – Fossil x Shirt – Made Tailor x Tie – Panta x Shoes – Polo

A Word or Two About Service.

May 10, 2011

Bad retail service can often be like a meal you were better off not ordering. The bitter after-taste. The buyer’s regret.  The empty void that lives where your money not-well-spent used to be. The uncertainty of not quite knowing where to place the blame, and wondering how much of it is your fault.  Often blind-siding, and always a disappointment.

Recently, my wife and I had an experience that we were less than pleased with.  The incident was unfortunate, and the allegations were ugly.  I voiced my complaints in a public forum, more out of the need to vent than out of some misguided sense of entitlement (as some claimed).  I thought that would be the end of it.  This is a common cycle for many of us.  We’re treated badly.  We gripe among friends.  We go to bed dissatisfied, and plan to wake and go about our business, knowing that there are more important things in life.  This time, things were different.  My complaints had touched a nerve.  I was personally contacted by Jean-Claude Colban, a man who certainly has a lot of very important things on his plate.  Yet, he found the time to reach out to an unhappy customer with an apology, and a small gift.  I similarly conveyed my regret at the brashness of my accusations, and was left with profound respect for the commitment he has to ensuring that his customers are pleased.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where most people who run companies don’t think it’s necessary to personally get in touch with dissatisfied customers.  But when it does happen, it’s more than a pleasant surprise, it’s a glaring reminder of what good service is, and what all service should be.  A reputation goes a long way, but news of the way that one deals with adversity goes even further.  Hats off to Charvet.  I will definitely be paying them a visit the next time I visit Paris.

Oh. Saturday Morning? Yes, Please. I’ll take two if they’re available.

May 7, 2011

Up and at ’em.  Let’s make it a great one.

Carmina: Another Reason to Visit Paris (…As If You Really Needed One).

May 3, 2011

Located at 4 Avenue de l’Opera, Paris, and kept by some of the most welcoming gentlemen you will ever meet.  I found my visit to Carmina‘s Paris store to be a real pleasure.  Like me, you might have been relatively unaware of the brand until you were introduced to them by The Armoury.  There’s nothing like seeing the brand’s work in person, and the realizing pictures you saw online didn’t do them justice.  Their ankle boots in particular, are great.  As an aside, I was equally taken with some of their designs for women’s shoes.  Pound for pound, this Spanish brand is one of the better mid-range options for one building his collection.

Shoes Worth Wrecking Your Once-Happy Home Over: Gaziano & Girling’s “Deco” Range.

April 19, 2011

There aren’t many words to describe these that don’t include four letter epithets and a little hyperbole.  I’m sure these images will get the point across.  The guys over at Gaziano & Girling have done it again.

photography by luk-cha

Hear.Less.Gentle: Mos Def “Cream Of The Planet” (Live)

April 7, 2011

“…it used to be a dream, but now its a surrounding view.”